Markon Computer Science Inc. began in January 1981 in a small garage in the city of Torrance, Ca. Markon Computer Science Inc. was founded by Mark Esser and Konrad Lawerance, both engineers from Aerospace. They began by servicing 8 inch and 5 1/4 inch Shugart Floppy Disk Drives. As the computer industry grew so did Markon; repairing and servicing every thing from Printer to Main Frame Computers.

In 1985 Markon Computer Science Inc. began it's software development division, working on projects from Western Digital's ViaNET networking system to the Navy's Triton D5 missile system. During this time Markon's software division became heavily involved in the development of TCP/IP and the birth of the Internet. As the Internet grew out of the MilNET and the ARPANET and finally became the Internet as we know it today; Markon Computer Science Inc. was there thru the whole evaluation. This has given Markon Computer Science Inc. a vast understanding to Networking and the Internet.

As the Internet became more and more popular with the general public, Markon Computer Science Inc's repair division started to encounter many new types of customer troubles. Loss of connections, Virus, Spy Ware, WAN Connectivity, and Router Problems are just a few of the troubles that began to arise. Moreover, as the Internet continued to grow so did customer troubles.

Finally Markon Computer Science Inc. had enough, so we decided to do something about these problems. What we did was to begin our own Internet Service for our customers. From dial up to Microwaves we have expanded our service over the years.

What makes our Internet Service unique is that it is based in a Computer Repair and System Software development company. This fact gives you the customer something special. When you have trouble with any part of your computer or networking system, we can solve it!.

Privacy Policy Statement

We do collect the information given at the time of your service or equipment order. This information is not disclosed to any third party and is only collected by Markon Computer Science Inc. for the purpose of processing orders, tracking orders or tracing Warranty/Returns information.

We do not email customers except in connection with your order, you will receive no newsletters, special offers or other spam, unless requested by subscribing to our newsletter.

All information is collected lawfully and will be secured from all outside sources.

We do not sale or supply others with any mailing or e-mailing information. We firmly believe that "SPAM" is wrong and in no way support it's use.

If you have any questions about information privacy at Markon Computer Science Inc. please contact
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We aim to offer a top quality service at the best price possible, to do this we need to reserve the right to change the above policies at any time.